Cooking Challenge: Leftover Tuesdays

David at Cooking Chat is hosting a great event — Leftover Tuesdays. So often people comment that it’s all well and good to come up with a great dish by shopping for particular ingredients but what they need practice and guidance with is coming up with something edible when their sick kids kept them from the grocery store for three days beyond shopping day and they are scrounging in the cabinets. Or they have leftovers that weren’t particularly popular the first time around and dread the complaints of a second serving but are too frugal to just toss it out.

My recipe comes in the form of the latter. One of my favorite ‘light’ pasta dishes is to cook together onion, garlic, zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms, halved black olives, green peas, kidney beans and diced tomatoes and toss it with cooked penne or mostaccoli pasta. I season it with basil, oregano and sometimes some mixed ‘Italian herbs seasoning’ — McCormick came out with a grinder that I bought when we were at the beach last year and I wanted to neither bring along the entire kitchen/buy all new there or to forgo seasonings altogether and I like it for quick seasoning.

I made some of this for a baby shower on Saturday but forgot to put in the black olives 😦 The lack of olives made it seriously less interesting to the kids (who would each eat a can of black olives for a snack if I let them) and the population of squash and mushrooms made them squeal ‘eewww, yuck’. So I converted it to a not-so-light pasta recipe last night (yes, it was Monday leftovers). I had some breakfast sausage in the fridge and *everyone* in our family likes that, so I cooked it and tossed in a jar of Ragu — I know, I’m destined to be banned from all Foodie circles for life. I buy it when it’s on sale for $1/jar b/c at that price it’s cheaper than making my own and b/c it’s quick and people will eat it. Shun me if you will, but some days it’s all about getting food into people’s bellies and not just about ‘good and interesting’ food. 🙂 I stirred the leftover pasta into the sausage/sauce mix until it was heated through and served with some shredded Parmesan cheese. The kids still left some mushrooms and squash on the sides of their plates but they ate quite a bit of it.

It’s a ‘Leftover Tuesday’ b/c one bowl of it was left last night and it’s my lunch today 😉 It’s not as pretty in the bowl after it bubbled in the microwave for a minute, but still tasty.



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  1. looks good, thanks for joining in!

  2. Thanks for hosting such a great event — the entries are diverse and fun!

  3. I definitely think I’m going to do a pasta leftover next time! Everything goes with pasta 🙂

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