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Now here’s a meme that I can pass on . . .

3 favoritest foods:

Crab cakes, potstickers, chocolate, not necessarily in that order.
Favorite snack food:

apples . . . or chocolate 😉

Favorite Breakfast food:

I’m not all that fond of breakfast foods, but I guess fruited yogurt or bagels would be my favorite.

Favorite beverage:

Most of the time I just drink water, but if I’m out I have lemonade or Mountain Dew (ew, carbonated high fructose syrup with brominated vegetable oil — how sick is that?) For alcoholic beverages, riesling or mango dreams

3 favoritest local restaurants:

Radio Maria, Dos Reales, The Great Impasta

3 favoritest non-local restaurants:

I can only think of one right now — The Crab Trap (Destin, FL)

*** ooooh, just thought of another . . . Turtle Bay Estate House in St. John, USVI and the Caneel Beach Bar at the same destination! 😀

Favorite fast food place:

Best Wok, which probably isn’t what anyone had in mind with this, but they are really fast and they are my favorite spot for lunch, but if we’re going with a ‘drive-thru’ criteria, Subway.

You’re at the farmer’s market – you’re hungry – you’ve got 10 bucks – what do you buy?

I’m not at the farmer’s market b/c I haven’t been since I had kid #3. But when I used to go in New Mexico, I would buy an apple empanada for breakfast and that would leave me more than $8 still in my pocket! 😉

3 least favorite foods:

beets, sauerkraut, organ meat of any kind — won’t touch any of those

Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish – pick just one?:
If by fish I can mean shellfish, then fish — I don’t like true fish so much as I LOVE shrimp, clams, scallops, and crab. But if I’m near the ocean I like to get red snapper and ahi tuna. But if I’m stuck in IL, as I am 50 wks out of the year, then more often than not it’s pork b/c organic beef is so darned expensive.

What game-ish meats have you had?

Venison, once long ago, cooked in a crockpot so that the entire house stank. I’ve never eaten it again.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?

Probably the little octopus that was sitting on top of my food in a Vietnamese place . . . actually, I only ate one leg b/c she was rather rubbery and the texture weirded me out.

Like sushi?

Not really.


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  1. Um . . . the idea was you would put your own answers here in the comments . . . or not. 😀

  2. Ooooh 🙂 Now we get it 🙂

    3 favoritest foods:

    Macaroni and Cheese, Fried Chicken, Sushi

    Favorite snack food:


    Favorite Breakfast food:

    Sausage McMuffin with Egg. Or Cake!

    Favorite beverage:

    Hmmm… Peach soda 🙂 I can never find it, but it makes me feel like I’m a little kid on my parents’ boat in the summertime.

    3 favoritest local restaurants:

    Great Impasta, Courier Cafe and Fruittart’s House 🙂

    3 favoritest non-local restaurants:

    Tavern on the Green in NYC, The Quarterdeck in Bar Harbor, Maine, and there’s an excellent crab restaurant in Pompano Beach Florida that I can’t remember off the top of my head, but if you take me with you, I’ll take you to the restaurant!

    Favorite fast food place:

    Za’s, by far.

    You’re at the farmer’s market – you’re hungry – you’ve got 10 bucks – what do you buy?

    Some fresh baked muffins, a piece of fruit, vegetables for the upcoming week, and flowers 🙂 Not that you can eat flowers, but I bet you could get all of that with $10 at the Farmer’s Market.

    3 least favorite foods:

    I’m with you on the organ meat. Also? Clam bellies. Gross, gross, gross. Also not a huge fan of overcooked turtle. That’s pretty icky, too.

    Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish – pick just one?:

    Chicken, I suppose, but if shrimp is included in fish, then Fish.

    What game-ish meats have you had?

    Venison, elk, buffalo, turtle, rabbit, duck, sea urchin, kalamari. Rabbit is probably my favorite… then duck. I just really like grease, I guess.

    What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?

    Clam bellies. Also the grossest.

    Like sushi?

    Love sushi. Will sing for sushi.

  3. 3 favorite foods: lobster, steak, chorizo (or other Mexican spicy meat)

    snack food: shrimp, cream cheese, cocktail sauce on crackers

    breakfast food: corned beef hash

    beverage: Bruichladdich or Lagavulin

    local restaurants: Radio Maria, The Bread Co. on Goodwin, Montgomery’s on the Square (Monticello)

    non-local restaurants: A Mexican food place in East Troy, WI. An northern Italian place that (12 yrs ago) was in a strip mall in Northbrook, IL and Claddagh’s Irish Pub in downtown Indianapolis.

    Fast food: I almost never eat there anymore because my body has begun to punish me for it, and I say it with shame… Taco Bell

    Farmer’s market and you’re hungry. Can you get food there that you can eat when you’re hungry? I’d walk over to Art Mart and get a spinach and feta filled pastry puff.

    Least favorite foods: Liver, Meatloaf, Eggplant (unless you’re a master)

    Beef or Fish, depending on the regional strengths.

    Game? Venison, Ostrich, Elk, Buffalo, Rabbit, Duck, Pheasant, mmmmm mmmmm.

    Like sushi? Yup.

  4. Beth — My house doesn’t count as a restaurant — no fair!! 😉

    Isaiah543 — you skipped over ‘what’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten’ and, given your travels and your interest in the unusual, I’m sure you’ve got a good answer for that one — I’d love to hear it!

    What kind of stuff do they serve at Montgomery’s on the Square? I’ve never been there but I’m intrigued when you list it in the top 3.

  5. Most unusual food, (not unusual gross, just unusual) would be the fruit in Thailand and Singapore. I don’t even know the name of some of that stuff. Mangosteen, Durian (sp?)…

    Montgomery’s has beef, fish, game, pasta… I remember the bleu cheese encrusted Filet Mignon being quite yummy.

  6. Cool. Thanks for that. According to wikipedia the mangosteen is the ‘queen of all fruits’ and the durian is the ‘king’!! The durian entry was pretty interesting to read — it looks like a porcupine. It says that some find it pleasant and others offensive . . . I’m guessing from your comment that you were in the former group . . . but it was interesting that it said not to eat it with alcohol and this quote was hilarious:

    The Javanese believe durian to have aphrodisiac qualities, and impose a strict set of rules on what may or may not be consumed with the durian or shortly after.[40] The warnings against the supposed lecherous quality of this fruit soon spread to the West. The Swedenborgian mystic Herman Vetterling was particularly harsh on durian:

    These erotomaniacs remind us of the Durian-eating Malays, who, because of the erotic properties of this fruit, become savage against anybody or anything that stands in their way of obtaining it. Fraser writes that upon eating it, men, monkeys, and birds ‘are all aflame with erotic fire.’ It is a blessing that this fruit is not obtainable in the West, because our store of sexual lunatics is already full to overflowing. We might perish in the foulest of mucks.[41]

  7. Mangosteen tastes great. Durian, so they say, “tastes like heaven and smells like hell” I say it tastes OK and smells like hell. Seriously, some guys ate one in the back seat of the car we were driving and it smelled for days.

    I didn’t know about its erotomaniacal tendencies, but I do know that some of the missionaries I was with when we visited Singapore were very unusually driven to get a hold of some durian.

  8. I’ve been quiet in the blogosphere lately, but I saw this on mike’s blog, so I’ll give it a go…

    -3 favoritest foods:

    freshly baked wheat bread, tabasco + blank, garlic + blank. (But I like pretty much everything.)

    -Favorite snack food:


    -Favorite Breakfast food:

    biscuits and gravy, black coffee, and a triple bypass.

    -Favorite beverage:

    Water. (No really. Served cold, no ice.)

    -3 favoritest local restaurants:

    Radio Maria, Siam Terrace, Impasta.

    -3 favoritest non-local restaurants:

    Italo’s (Schweinfurt, Germany), Chart House (Daytona Beach, FL), Lafayette Brewing Company (Lafayette, IN)

    -Favorite fast food place:

    Niro’s Gyros.

    -You’re at the farmer’s market – you’re hungry – you’ve got 10 bucks – what do you buy?

    I talk the price down on a black and white picture of a train, and beg for a crust from the Amish. Maybe I could dance a jig and gain some tuppance to buy the roll…we’ll see.

    -3 least favorite foods:

    pasta w/ alfreado (sp?) sauce, plain veggie soup, white breads (like Wonder. Yuck.)

    -Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish – pick just one?:

    Beef – it’s what’s for dinner.

    -What game-ish meats have you had?

    I’ve had Buffalo jerky. 🙂

    -What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?

    Korean tofu soup was strange – but strangely good.

    -Like sushi?

    Oh yeah.

  9. Thanks, Mark! All these people who also like Radio Maria and the Great Impasta . . . we should have a blogger’s night out at one of them some time! 🙂

  10. durian is a nasty smelling fruit! my uncles have always asked me to try it while i was in taiwan, but the smell really throws me off (it smells like something is rotting). it’s a cool looking fruit, all spiky and stuff. i wonder who was the first person to think, “hey, i’m going to eat this spiky smelly thing”.

  11. mark, korean tofu soup is the best! did you have soon tofu jigae? man, the one at woorijib is cheap and good!

  12. Last night I saw that in 2004 or 2005 BBC produced a list of ’50 things everyone should eat before they die’ from some sort of poll in England and durian is on the list . . . along with alligator, kangaroo, reindeer, and sandwiches. It’s kind of an odd list with some very specific foods and others wildly general.

  13. alright, my go. (this is a questionnaire that i like answering. :)) i think my answers might be a little skewed than my normal answers. 🙂

    3 favoritest foods:
    rice, homemade dumplings, fruit

    Favorite snack food:

    Favorite Breakfast food:
    eggs and some sort potato (hash brown/home fries)

    Favorite beverage:
    passion fruit green tea

    3 favoritest local restaurants:
    timpone’s, courier cafe, woorijib

    3 favoritest non-local restaurants:
    forgot the name of this won-ton soup place (in an outdoor market in taichung, taiwan; BEST wonton soup and pork buns ever!)
    macaroni grill (i know it’s a chain)
    del frisco’s steak restaurant (dallas, texas)

    Favorite fast food place:
    Za’s (that’s a good one beth!)

    You’re at the farmer’s market – you’re hungry – you’ve got 10 bucks – what do you buy?
    fruit, whatever looks good and sweet. 🙂

    3 least favorite foods:
    sea cucumber (gag), pork blood (gag), seafood (just for now)

    Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish – pick just one?:

    What game-ish meats have you had?
    can’t recall…

    What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?
    sea cucumber and pork blood (yuck)

    Like sushi?
    yes, though i don’t appreciate the raw fish as much as other sushi lovers.

  14. Ramona, you asked: “did you have soon tofu jigae?”

    I don’t remember names, but it was a big bowl of red, spicy, tofu soup at a place just north of green street. The Korean foods I’ve tried have all been delicious but counter-intuitive… “Something of that colour shouldn’t taste like this!”

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