Recipe of the Day — Coconut Shrimp

Tonight we were all thankful the coconut shrimp was cut from the New Year’s Eve menu . . . b/c it was our dinner! 😀 This is a relatively simple recipe, but it *is* time consuming. When I was planning this for the party I thought I would simplify the process for myself by buying the peeled and cooked shrimp and then just coat it and quickly cook it . . . boy, am I glad I did that since deveining and peeling shrimp takes me *forever* as it is.

I had 2 lbs of 36-40 count shrimp defrosted in the fridge and I wanted to cook it all tonight and between coating and cooking, it took me at least 1.5 hrs. I was also working on more bread sticks for the rehearsal dinner on Friday so it actually took me more than 2 hrs to get it all done and, by that time, the family was starving. I served it with rice, mango salsa, fresh fruit and green salad.

Oh, and there were only three shrimp out of the 2 lbs left at the end! (“oink, oink” says the family — they loved it!)


Coconut Shrimp

whisk together:

2 egg whites

3 Tablespoons corn starch

ground black pepper

Dip the shrimp in the egg mixture, dip in coconut. Fry. Eat.






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  1. Now I know why a box of 10-12 coconut shrimp costs $5!

    The funny thing is we had some store-bought coconut shrimp sometime last year and the kids weren’t thrilled but tonight Thing 1 said she thought these were *WAAAAAY* better . . . must be the advantage of feeding them at the usual bedtime; they are so happy to finally eat, they aren’t as picky! 😉

  2. This is one of my husband’s absolute favorites! Love the photos!

  3. Thanks, Nicole. Now that I have a new camera I don’t want to post recipes w/o a pic to go along! Nothing like what’s on your site, though — good luck on the ‘best new food blog’!!

    Everyone else — if you haven’t been to Nicole’s site, go to the ‘pinch my salt’ site now and drool over her beautiful pics. She’s been nominated as one of five best new blogs by the folks at the Well Fed Network.

  4. Thanks fruittart, for posting this recipe! We made it last night for dinner and it was GREAT! First time I have ever cooked shrimp.

  5. Oh, so glad you liked it, Amy! I love knowing that people actually try and like these recipes! 😉

  6. We made these last weekend and they were excellent. And fun to make. I’ve never fried anything before but these came out great.

    The lady at the grocery store only sold me a half a pound of shrimp, which she said would be enough for two people. I was kinda bummed, but was glad we had a limit to our splurge because we both could’ve eaten ourselves sick on this recipe.

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