On the Fifth Day of Christmas . . .

My true love gave to me an 8 megapixel camera. Well, it sounds better that way than to say the Husband didn’t get my gift until yesterday, which cost him big points. Not that we keep score or anything . . . 😛

So today I’m busily prepping for our New Year’s Eve party, which may be a bit smaller than some years so I’ve axed a few items from the menu — the onion & pancetta tassies will have to wait for another year, for example. But we’re definitely having mini-calzones/pizza pockets (see below), a version of Spicy Skewered Chicken, some beef skewers (I decided against the chipotle flavor in favor of a mild balsamic/Italian flavor), some Lime Jerk chicken skewers, some quesadillas but without artichoke (instead we’re going to have some plain ones, mushroom, and some with brie, pear and cranberry) and my favorite hot artichoke dip.

Here are some pictures from my new camera showing the calzone process. I used my standard pizza crust recipe. You can see my high-tech cutting instrument — a kid’s cup — it’s the perfect size!

minicalzone construction


Here is a picture of my little calzone tester, also known as Thing 3:


She gave them a hearty approval rating.

I also used the pizza crust recipe to make pesto bread sticks for a wedding rehearsal dinner I’m catering next week. Here are some pictures of that process:




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