Recipe of the Day — Split Pea Soup

Several weeks ago our neighbor went on an ‘anti-inflammatory diet’ which includes cutting out all wheat, corn, beef, pork, dairy and a few other things (she says it’s been working great and she’s feeling much better). So she went through her kitchen and pulled those things out of her pantry and fridge/freezer and brought them to our door, thinking we surely use a lot of food. (By the way, if anyone local wants a quart jar of butter ghee, let me know — I’m doubting that I’m going to get to that one.)

Some of the things I tossed in my freezer for later. Among those things was some Canadian bacon, some of which I’ve used on pizza and in eggs. I had one pkg left and decided that I would use that for the meat in a split pea soup rather than waiting for a ham bone or for me to buy bacon. Split pea soup is one of the Husband’s most favorite soups — he is also partial to clam chowder. So armed with a pound of dried split peas, a packet of Canadian bacon and a pound of mini carrots, I decided to make soup on Monday.


Split Pea Soup

Canadian bacon, chopped in smallish pieces (it was probably a 6-8 oz pkg)
2 small onions, chopped

1 clove garlic, crushed

1 lb carrots, chopped

I sauteed that in my pan until the onions were tender and then I added

1 lb of washed split peas

2 bay leaves

chicken broth


making sure the solids were covered with liquid. I brought it to a boil and simmered for 30 min or so.

That’s when the Husband called to say he wanted us to pick him up early for lunch. I turned the soup off so it wouldn’t burn. The peas weren’t anywhere near cooked. We ate something else for lunch that day and cooked the soup for a half-hour longer, let it cool and put it in the fridge.

Today I pulled it back out and boiled it for another half hour or so –’til the peas were tender and mushy — adding some more water as needed. Too bad I was out of thyme or I would have added some. Sometimes I add green chiles to the split pea soup but I didn’t have any good ones to add. The Canadian bacon didn’t impart as strong of a flavor to the total soup taste as ham or bacon do, so I’m not sure I’d choose to do this again, but it was a good lunch today.


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