Recipes of the Day — Baked Potato and Cobbler

We had a very pleasant evening with Mr. and Mrs. Mullyboy and a nameless, blogless couple who will one day be shamed into commenting here 😉 And we unloaded our car seat/stroller combo — sweet! I made a pretty simple meal — grilled chicken breast, baked potatoes, Stir-poached veggies, sourdough bread and pear-blueberry cobbler.

So today you get two recipes, because I’ve learned that not everyone knows about baked potatoes and b/c the pear-blueberry cobbler recipe is ‘iffy’ as a recipe (it’s suggestive of a recipe, but not at all detailed). My original plan was to bake a carrot-flax cake with cream cheese frosting but time got away from me and I realized that I was getting in a real crunch to get it done in time to frost before 6:30 . . . ACK! Time to punt! I don’t like indecision much, so it took me about 2 minutes to look through my kitchen and think of another dessert — pear-blueberry cobbler, which is a big hit here and I don’t make it often.


Baked Potato

Scrub however many potatoes you plan to use and clean off the bad spots. Pat them dry with a paper towel.

Prick them on both sides with a sharp knife (this is to let out steam so they don’t explode — and yes, they can explode).

Pour a little olive oil onto the potato or your hand and give the spuds a little massage — just coat the skin lightly 😉

Put the spuds on a baking sheet (I cover mine with foil for ease of cleanup) and cover the spuds with foil — I just wrap one piece over the whole pan, not wrapping each potato separately.

Bake at 450F (yes, this is higher than some recipes call for) for about one hour or until a knife slides through easily. For a steakhouse finish, remove the spuds from the oven and cut an X into the top and gently squeeze the ends together so the inside pops up.


Pear-Blueberry Cobbler

I used four very ripe pears, peeled and sliced, and mixed that with 1.5 lbs of frozen blueberries (2×12 oz pkgs) in a medium pan. I squirted some lemon juice on top and tossed in a couple of scoops of white sugar — probably 1-1.25 cups, NO water.

I cooked that over medium heat until the berries were soft and there was a lot of juice in the pan and brought it to a boil. In a cup I mixed together a little water with ~2 Tbsp. cornstarch and poured that on top and allowed it to boil for a minute — I actually did this in two steps until I was happy with the thickness of it. Then I dumped that into a glass 9×13 pan.

For the biscuit topping I used about 2.5 cups of flours — tonight it was mostly white flour with ~3/4 c (that’s included in the 2.5 cup total) or so of wheat germ (I was cooking for a pregnant lady — she needs the extra folic acid) and a Tbsp or so of baking powder and stirred that together.

Then I added about 3/4 c margarine and mixed that to a fine meal. Finally, I added milk to make a nice biscuit texture (I have no idea how much — probably a little more than a cup). I didn’t add any sugar, which I sometimes do for a sweet biscuit dessert.

I dropped this on top of the fruit to mostly cover the top in an even layer. I baked it at 375F for 20 min or so, until the biscuits were done and the bottom was bubbly. Mmm, good stuff! It would have been even better if it were still warm when we ate it and if we had some Breyer’s vanilla ice cream to go with it 😉

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  1. hehe — someone came here and thought this said “Baked Potato Cobbler” and wondered what that was going to be like 😉

    Sorry, U.E., I generally limit comments to people I actually know, but thanks for visiting.

  2. My first blog post ever, and it is to you. I just want to make you happy and let you know I visited. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

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