Recipe of the Day — Soup, again

A couple of days ago I made a batch of soup from various leftovers and whatever was in the cabinet but found I was out of some of the things I had hoped to add. It turned out all right but it reminded me of a cooking tip/recipe from my Grandma Smith.

Grandma Smith was well known for having pies whenever a guest arrived . . . she would bake 10-12 pies at a time and freeze them and someone would visit and she would offer pie . . . would you like apple (2 crust or French crust?), peach, berry, or ‘punkin’? When my grandfather worked in a coal mine for a while, she used to make him a meat pie and a fruit pie and that was his lunch. She was not technically the best cook, but she made farm food and her pie (with the apples, berries, and pumpkin from her own orchard, farm and garden) tasted of love. She was full of practical knowledge — to make mashed potatoes without lumps, start with cold water and not hot. Here I share with you her ‘secret’ for good vegetable soup:

If you have 10 vegetables in your soup, it will *always* taste good.

That’s the whole recipe. Just pick 10 veggies, any veggies, and you have great soup. We always use a tomato base — any kind of tomato — juice, diced, pureed, crushed, stewed, then add 9 more (* indicate our favorites that we almost always added):







green beans*

kidney beans or other bean






zucchini or summer squash

Grandma used to just add salt and pepper for seasoning (her food was terribly bland) but I usually use garlic, bay leaf, sometimes basil and/or oregano,and sometimes parsley in addition to the S/P. You can add pasta — ABCs, egg noodles, springs, etc. You can add some beef or chicken, browning it in the pot before you add the veggies to add more flavor. Let it cook all day for the flavors to mix well and the smell to tantalize everyone’s taste. Mmm . . . then serve up big bowls of love, add crackers and fresh bread slathered with butter for the full effect.


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