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Getting ready for tomorrow.  I believe in food as an art form 😉


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  1. you should seriously consider carrying a picture of me around your neck today. 😉 ps. nothing new with that thing.

  2. Klo — can you believe some people were worried about running out of food?! At my house! ;-D I don’t have a picture of you . . . shall I just pull the one off your blog? You’re going to have to send me your address so I can send you a care package later in the semester . . . unless you’re just going to run away from home and move back here. hehehe! Have a great week . . . really, they aren’t monsters . . . they’re aliens! 😀

  3. man, i really should have taken that 3.75 fruit tart home today. what was i thinking.

    nat,dwayne, and i have decided that we just might have more dinner “things” so that we can just conveniently get some great dessert. 🙂 i think it’s a fair trade if you and your husband decide to “conveniently” leave your house and thing 1/beloved 1 – thing 4/beloved 4 at a future student feast. 🙂

  4. If this is an offer to baby sit for food I’ll accept! 😀

    MIL was telling me this afternoon that a couple they know in the Seattle area are part of a ministry in which the students gather at the church on Wed evening and they feed the ‘kids’ dinner before they have a large group mtg and then divide into small groups for prayer, etc. She said they routinely have 100 and they have had as many as 200 for the meal! Can you imagine doing what we did today every week?! 😉

  5. well, from previous conversations with you and your husband, i’m not sure the babysitting was voluntary. 🙂 so what i’m saying is if we ended up unvoluntarily babysitting your children, that food would be nice. 🙂

  6. We’ve never *actually* skipped out and left others with our kids for involuntary baby sitting =:-O The Husband just likes to say those things for the reaction . . . can you guess where Thing 2 gets it? 😀

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