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I keep getting these interesting blog hits from search engines and some seem like things that I could easily provide the answer to the reader. So, today’s tip is ‘How to Make Chicken Breast Tender’ (or ‘Soft’ as the searcher wrote). This is really easy.

Put the chicken breast in zip-bag with some buttermilk or make soured milk with a squirt of lemon juice and regular milk and let it soak for an hour or so. You can then drain off the milk and use it as desired — breaded, baked, etc. Voila! Tender chicken breast.

Another way is to use a different acid (that’s what’s going on here with tenderization — the acid is attacking the protein structure . . . better living through chemistry!). For example, if you want lemon chicken, squirt some lemon juice on your chicken and let it sit for 15 min to an hour and add whatever seasoning you like. A favorite recipe around here is to put chicken breast in a zip bag with a packet of dry Italian Seasons Italian Dressing mix (you know, the stuff to make your own vinegrette dressing) and some lemon, lime and/or orange juice. Tastes great when grilled and it’s tender . . . everyone loves it and it’s super simple.


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  1. That’s an excellent idea. As for the canning instructions… well, you can always point them in the right direction with links. Or just invite them over to watch. That was fun!

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