Blogging and Canning Peaches . . . but not at the same time

I’ve got to start running Ball canning adds or something . . . I get some ten hits a day on ‘canning peaches’. The Husband says I need to put the real instructions on here b/c people don’t want to have to wait to get the Blue book . . . they have peaches *now*.

I do it a lot like the people at this site except I put the peaches in my sink and pour boiling water over them and then drain the water out after a minute and rinse them with very cold water for several minutes (rather than dipping into boiling water to scald and then dipping into an ice bath). Also, I don’t do a steam bath; I put them in a canner with enough boiling water to cover the lids and then process at a simmer for 20 min for quart jars. Now you know! 😉

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