Fruit of my labors


Finally, after three days of bits and bits of canning, I’ve finished the 2 bushels of peaches (well, except the few I held back so I can make a peach pie for the Husband tomorrow)! Pictured here are the 41 qts of sliced peaches (after Kid#4 tossed a qt on the floor) as well as 3 qts, 5 – 12 oz and 12 – 8 oz jars of peach jam/syrup. They look so pretty all lined up. One of my pictures clearly shows the ‘Kerr’ on a close-up of a jar but when I tried to do the same with one that reads ‘golden harvest’, the pixels apparently weren’t up to irony today. I also made a couple quarts of peach sorbet. Can’t wait to try that!


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  1. So I’m sitting here now tasting the peach sorbet and can only say ‘Oh, yeah! Yummy!’ I just mixed together some sugar water, pureed peaches and some chopped peaches and froze it in a covered bowl. Super easy, super tasty . . . what more could you want? It could be a snazzy upscale dessert served with raspberry sauce and dark and white chocolate curls

  2. Wow!! That’s amazing 😀

  3. that looks like a lot of work! 🙂 hopefully thing1 and thing2 being away helped make it easier! 🙂

  4. Actually, having Thing1 and Thing2 away made it *harder* b/c I didn’t have any toddler entertainers. Saturday I spent a large part of the day recovering from the little ones enjoying unsupervised play. Wednesday I didn’t start until they were napping and then Husband came home early and Beth was here so that was by far the easiest of the days. Thursday I decided that I was just going to get this in gear and tried to start early but I kept being interrupted by needy children . . . then Kid #4 tossed a quart of finished peaches on the floor and the jar shattered into thousands of pieces and sticky syrup all over the floor 😛 So I stopped and restarted a few times and ended up finishing earlier in the evening than I had hoped. By Friday I figured I still had 2 canner loads but I just did one while they napped and decided I was just done canning and made the sorbet and saved enough for a pie and QUIT!!

    In past years when I have bought #2 peaches (#1 are the unblemished, larger fruits you buy in a grocery, #2 have blemishes, diseased spots, bruises, etc and are a little smaller) I have had some waste and if they sat for a day or two I had a LOT of waste b/c half a box could rot overnight b/c they were already so ripe. This year the peaches were not so soft and I only had 2-3 peaches that I lost out of the lot and since the girl gave me a few extra so she wouldn’t have to sort all the boxes I brought home, I ended up with almost 2.25 bushels, which was nice, I just got tired of canning peaches 😉 But since our family often goes through 2 qts in a sitting . . . in the cold of winter, we will be thankful for all those wonderful peaches! 🙂

  5. i know how you can make it easier next time. find a student from church that has nothing to do during the day except work on their thesis. 🙂 hmm… i wonder where you cna find one of those. 🙂

  6. The only one of those I know was in Germany at the time 😀 Obviously I need to meet more students!

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