Easy Recipe of the Day (Return of the Artichokes)

I’m teaching my 9yr old how to cook some basic things and she’s currently thrilled with quesadillas — it’s like a grilled cheese tortilla, how simple can you get? Her favorite is to add a couple of spoons of chopped green chiles, chopped green onion and pre-shredded Mexican/4 Cheese from a bag and she likes to do hers stove top on the griddle b/c she doesn’t like to mess with the oven. The husband and I like a bit more to ours. This is what I did:

In a small saute pan:

olive oil

8oz sliced fresh mushrooms

sliced onion

sliced bell pepper (the pretty ones were on sale last week)

Sautee until tender crisp then divide between 2-4 tortillas, depending on how full you like them. Top with some chopped artichoke hearts, sprinkle with cheese. I make my quesadillas by folding the tortilla over on itself, but you can also make them stacked. Pop in a 350F oven for 5 min and YUM! The only improvement I would have made would be to have some feta on hand instead of the Mexican cheese . . . but this was tasty. This may show up as an appetizer at future food events in our household!

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